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ok basically we did like totoally nothing in school study wise because we had some anti drug programme that went on and there was a local "celebrity" who came to my school and everyone well almost everyone was going crazy after that guy and he sang a couple of songs on stage.. songs that i havent heard of in my entire life haha and o m g my friends brought lahm's pics for me in school today. i have hecka load of his pics now. yay! and Oo Podolski too Vivian decided to give me after 3rd period and i had to wait! and you know what? it was easy waiting! ugh then aqila and chung surprised me with lahm's and podolski's pics again. i was soo soo happy and hippie!
ok i went home and cut all the pics so that they'll look nice and stuff.Too bad Mel doesnt like Lahm. Mmm i had cherries yummy.. American cherries rock and Chinese cherries suck! Had Baskin Robins ice cream too! bought it from Subang Parade on Sunday. I love love love ice cream!! Maya told me a little too late about the concert that her school was having and apparently Joey G and JP was there!! dang i missed it!! JP is cute! oh well i cant turn back time can i? at 3 i watched LOST. that shows hecka awesome!! after that show i decided to get online because im tired of homework. homework makes my brain work and i hate that! i came online went to lahm's board, listened to angels and airwaves, alnd also the rainman suites. music unbores my life! and then i decided to post something here because i guess thats what blogs are for! Imma have a shower now so ya

27.6.06 10:55


alrighty i woke up at 8 today and came online because there wasnt anything to watch on tv. tvs can be stupid at times. ok well let me post a mixture of friday and saturday in this post.
well i got my report card back on friday and woot woot got to go back early from school!! i guess my results were all pretty ok except for history thats for sure. dang i hate history. i mean who likes history? its like the worse subject that has ever been created in the entire history of the world. but anyway i saved all philipp lahm pics in a disk so vivian could see it in her computer! haha we talk bout lahm alot in school. what can i say he's hecka good! my second would be podolski. omg i love him! hah so ya i went back and hadnt a single why i was tired but i came online cos i had nothing to do and like i said there was nothing to watch on tv. the time passed on pretty fast and i had to get ready for my night math and accountings class. oh how ive always hated friday nights. dang that reminds me im pretty much gonna miss the germany-argentina match this friday!! NO i cant miss it!! aww this sucks! ok now in math class i was paying attention i guess but not in accountings class cos mr S was a little more boring than he usually is. when i was about to go home wormie came to me and told me that all the while she thought that lahm is playing for england. and i was all like "o m g" Do you think that ill be supporting england when im supporting lahm? hmm weird. imma you wormie lol
then saturday i woke up early again cos u know its saturday and i have no school so i can come online and talk to my buddies. do i sound like a internet whore gosh i dont wanna be one! but w/e ok so basically i talked to the same old person and phew it didnt get all then my mom and dad woke up and he told me that he couldnt drive me to 1U today cos his back hurts erghh i was like but w/e. if i cant go then im not going. No biggie. the time passed like super slow cos i was waiting for the clock to strike at 11pm. its the match where germany will be playing against sweden and sweden is a pretty good team so i was nervous lol after 4 mins of watching the game, Podolski scores! yay and my dad was like "isnt that guys in the screensaver of your computer?" and i was like "hell yah" well except i didnt say "hell" and then Podolski scores again on the 12th min! boy oh boy was i happy! the match ended up being [germany] 2- 0 [sweden]! woot woot! cheers for germany! england couldnt even beat sweden but germany could! heh
when the game ended, it was already 1am and i headed to bed, listened to some music and no idea what time i slept

Love ya
25.6.06 02:31

yay soz ive got a new blog and ill be posting in here often.. well ill try to im actually getting bored of blogs and stuff but w/e ya
24.6.06 04:21

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